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Economic Development Programs

Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation (MCIDC) connects your business to the most advantageous financing programs and incentives.

Please call (585) 753-2000 to speak directly with one of our economic development specialists to see how MCIDC can assist your business.  Our staff is eager to meet with you to determine if the project you are considering qualifies for any of these programs. To be considered for assistance, the business must meet the following Program Criteria:

Programs include additional requirements regarding investment and job creation. Please see the applications for additional detail.

GreatRate / GreatRebate / EquiPlus

The GreatRate program provides an interest subsidy on a fixed rate loan or capital lease used to purchase machinery or equipment, if the company meets its job creation requirement.

The GreatRebate program provides businesses with a rebate on equipment purchases of at least $50,000, if the company purchases the equipment with cash (not borrowed funds) and meets its job creation requirement.

The EquiPlus program is for eligible companies approved for the GreatRate or GreatRebate program. The EquiPlus program provides sales tax exemption on qualified equipment purchases.

SBA Loan Program

The SBA 504 loan program provides long-term financing for the purchase of land, buildings and equipment at a fixed rate of interest.  Please contact our office at (585) 753-2000

Monroe Manufacturing Rewards

The Monroe Manufacturing Rewards program provides qualified manufacturing companies with a rebate on manufacturing equipment purchases.

Monroe Manufactures Jobs

The Monroe Manufactures Jobs program connects graduates of the Monroe Community College Applied Technology center with local manufacturing companies and provides a cash bonus to the employer and the employee.

Monroe Manufactures Jobs LoanPlus

The Monroe Manufactures Jobs LoanPlus program will lend manufacturing companies 10% of the purchase price of new manufacturing equipment, up to $100,000, at 1% interest.

Bond Financing

As you move forward with your projects, Monroe County Economic Development Department has several programs that may be able to offer assistance.   Please contact Executive Director Jeffrey Adair who can assist you with completing the application process.

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